Fully Cooked
Gourmet Sausage Shop

Gourmet Sausages

Sweet Italian

Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Fennel

Hot Italian

Red Pepper Flakes Paprika


Aged Provolone Mixed with Fresh Parsley


(Pork & Veal)
Mild Sausage Cooked in Beer


(Beef & Pork)
Bacon and Beef Blend

Hot Dog

Classic Coney Island


(Pork & Beef)
Smoked Garlic Polish Sausage


Mexican Spicy Sausage

Lamb Merguez

Red Wine Blended with Rosemary

Guilty Pleasures


Creamy potato filling in a crispy potato shell

Bacon Bites

Thick Slab of bacon rolled in brown sugar

Buffalo Chicken Empanada

Classic buffalo chicken flavor with a cool ranch dusting

Philly Grilled Cheese

Juicy cheesesteak cover in American & beer cheese

Biscuits & Gravy

three buttermilk biscuits smoothered with thick sausage gravy

Pastrami Dumplings

New York Pastrami sandwich squeezed into fried dumplings with Guinness mustard

Grilled Cheese

double stacked cheesy goodness

Fried Ravioli

Egg battered cheese ravioli fried with a thick marinara sauce


German Potato Salad

Mac & Cheese (with Bacon)

Baked Beans (with brisket)

Potato Pancakes

Pickled Vegetables

Tater Tots